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2020๋…„ 3์›” 14์ผ ์—…๋ฐ์ดํŠธ๋จ

This is an 'ep' that I made while talking to my friends the most, so it is a work that leaves memorable memories.

Various sources of inspiration originated from people and combined the complex emotions that occurred before my age was 30 with Electronica Techno.


In the cover art created to show the state of having clouds, there are ideas of three friends.

Now on Listen 3rd EP ๐ŸŽง #893code from #moira @moirasound Release now on @applemusic @spotify world wide streaming & All of music channel in Korea.

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This song was the most challenging artwork through collaboration. The images created in the filming with 'Grafikus', which was a collaboration with CJ E & M and artist Mina Kwon, were transferred to the music film.

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